Smart People Who Liberate Brands.

Since 2010, we've freed brands through meaningful design, strategic thinking, and doing the "right thing" for our clients.
We believe a brand is not about the outward look, but its inward significance. They are worth more because they have gained meaning.

Our name originated with the changing landscape from old-school "ivory tower" corporate communications to connecting at a human level. We wanted to re-establish the way business thought about marketing.

Our vision is to fortify brands through beautiful work and thinking strategically. This comes with an understanding of how people become loyal and enthusiastic about brands.

We work with business owners, managers, stakeholders, and communications people to help them with strategic and creative survival. Whether it's clearly articulating their brand to creating marketing materials, or, building websites to ensuring consistency in message across customer channels.

What you receive depends on your needs.

We are grateful for the opportunities to work with many terrific business owners, management teams, and communications people. The companies and brands we've worked with range in size and scope of work.
But they all have in common - a desire to grow. These aren't simply a collection of logos - they represent the dedication and hours of collaboration spent by our people and theirs. We cherish our relationships.
Make meaning, not marketing.

The key to business success is to stand for something meaningful. To uncover that, you look within. Our belief is to look for inward significance to produce outwardly meaningful work.

Keep it real.

We take pride in our approach to doing business. Accomplishing big things takes a lot of trust from clients and partners, and we work hard to always be straightforward and clear in everything we do.

Love what you make.

We do this because we love it and want to work with passionate clients and partners, who believe that personal investment drives us towards truly great results.

Brand like it's a promise.

It's not a logo, tagline, or colour. It is the promise made to your customers. It tells them what to expect, each time they interact with your brand. We promise to focus on building loyalty in your business.

uncovers what truly works

uncovers what truly works

I'm Tom Hudock. A brand and marketing consultant.

I've been a consultant since my twenties (which means I've never really held a 9 to 5 job). Starting my own software business and marketing it between the coasts of Florida to Victoria, my humble beginnings set me on a path to being a brand consultant. I have worked for large companies starting new lines of business, and small ones supporting their marketing needs. It's been a healthy mix of branding, marketing, and making things happen.

I'm grateful to have worked with Online Business Systems, Microsoft, Salad Loop, Hotsy, and Sierra Systems. I've supported local startups, retail stores, cooking schools, government organizations, and tech companies.

What I've learned is the aim of branding is not the outward appearance of things; but its inward significance.

Let me know where I can help. 

Asks deeper questions, get clearer answers

Asks deeper questions, get clearer answers

I'm Tom McNamara. A marketing consultant and copywriter.

For as far back as I can remember, I have always been asking questions like: 'Why?' Such questions get to the root of our motives, values, beliefs. I've always found these questions more important than 'how' or 'what.' 
Finding answers to these questions requires an insatiable curiosity and desire to think deeper (surprising for someone with my tiny attention span). It's no wonder my career path has always revolved around communications.
I have spent 20 years studying how to ask clearer questions. From my university days in journalism to my time spent building a small business to the high stakes world working at a national advertising agency, I have always probed deeply into the cultural context of my subjects.
This is where you discover the gems that lead to not just good brand insights, but great ones. My strength is in listening to your story -- the triumphs, the frustrations, the lessons learned – and coming back with a strategy that reflects the best of our collective thinking.
It’s taken me 20 years to learn how to ask better questions. Let’s find the answers together, and turn them into something that is truly engaging and memorable.

brings strategy to life

brings strategy to life

I'm Mike Merryweather. An Art Director and Graphics Designer.

An avid comic and movie fan, Mike spent several years doing 3D modeling for various companies including Disney Interactive and Entrex Sofware.

In 2005, Mike was hired to design two 3D logos for a local sound studio and quickly realized he had a passion for creating unique and exciting visual identities for companies. Since then, he’s designed and done the art direction for numerous branding initiatives from logo redesigns to website layouts in the digital realm; and rack cards to magazine advertising for the print world.